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Han, Jemma

                         Artist; Creative Director for KOTRA

Iconic artist at the forefront of societal development and communication.

As an artist, TV art/culture program hosts, and a best-seller author, Jemma Han (artjemma.com) is widely known for her artwork and activities encompassing the the theme of public communication. Having studied western painting at Seoul National University and its graduate school, she advises corporations to develop artistic concepts thorough public art projects, directs installation artworks with societal messages, and drives artistic projects with historical and environmental emphasis in less privileged neighborhoods for balanced societal development. She is currently working with KOTRA as its Creative Director to apply art as a vehicle to promote global growth.


M.F.A., Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
B.F.A., Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
Sunwha Arts High School, Seoul, Korea

7th Solo Exhibition, Insa Artcenter, Seoul, Korea
8th Solo Exhibition, KTF The Orange Gallery, Seoul, Korea

6th Solo Exhibition, Sabina Lee Gallery, L.A., U.S.A.
5th Solo Exhibition, Shilla Hotel, Jeju, Korea
4th Solo Exhibition, Kase Gallery, Osaka, Japan
3th Solo Exhibition, 21+ yo Gallery, Tokyo

2nd Solo Exhibition, Keumsan Gallery, Seoul, Korea

1st Solo Exhibition, Yoon Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair 2010 (AHAF) -Hong Kong hyatt hotel   (2010.02.26 ~ 2010.02.28)
28th 2010 Korea Galleries Art Fair - Busan,Korea (2010. 03.24 ~ 2010. 03.29)
Bremen Musical sculpture installation ?National Museum  Of Korea oyong Theater, Seoul, Korea
The 1st Tumen River International Art Exhibition 2010 (2010.07.23~2010.08.13)
Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair Seoul - The Shilla Hotel (2010.08.27 ~ 2010.08.29)
INDAF - incheon international digidal art festival 2010 (09.01 ~ 09.30 2010)
KIAF2010( Korea international  Art Fair) 2010 .09.09 ~ 2010.09.13
artists`garden : in-between - CLAYARCH GIMHAE MUSEUM    (2009.04.14 ~05.17)
Seoul Catholic Artist Groub exhibition - Pyunghwa Gallery  (2009.06.03 ~ 09.27
beat in two cities - Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art   (2009.06.20 ~ 09.27)
miffy at the museum - Hangaram Design Museum   (2009.7.2 - 2009.8.30)
small is Beautiful - Gallery IS   (2009.07.29 ~ 08.11)
CROWN HAITAI Dream Factory  : `Art wagon performance` -  NOVOTEL BUSAN  (2009.08.11)
Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair 2009 (AHAF) - hyatt hotel   (2009.08.21 ~ 2009.08.23)
Korea Experimental Arts Festival 2009 - Theater ZERO   (2009.09.09 ~ 09.13)
SIPA(Seoul International Print, Photo & Edition Works Art Fair)  - Hangaram Design Museum   (2009.09.12 ~ 09.16)
Fujiwara Youjiro’s Asia Hope Network Project - Keumsan Gallery    (2009.09.12 ~ 09.20)
The 11th China Shanghai International Arts Festival LIFESTYLE CENTRE CONTEMPORARY ART MUSEUM
                                                                   (2009.10.30 ~ 11.13)

Exhibition - CYAN museum
Exhibition - gallery Seorim
"w-park"public art work- Jeonju,korea
Seoul Open Art Fair- COEX,KOREA 2008.6.23 ~ 27
kids experience exhibition "Art wagon performance" 2008.05.05 ~ 06
"THE CITY 7 "public art work - Changwon,Korea
`Art wagon performance` - 2008 KOREA FOOD EXPO <2008.10.14>
Delicious, Delightful Space I Like Dalki - kids experience exhibition , Korea
Yang Jae atrium - `Energy` , Korea
Achen museum of art - `Special Exhibition` , Korea
Jang Heung Atelier Open Studio `Art wagon performance` - Jang Heung ArtPark, Korea
Korea Performance Art Spirit `MC performance` - Velvetbanana , Korea
Seoul Open Art Fair - Coxe Convention Hall , Korea
Seoul Art wagon performance - 63Building , Korea

TelePub performance, - Book tema park open concert, Korea
Art in library - Book tema park,Korea
Art wagon performance - Sinsegea departmentstore culture hall, Korea
Sinsegea art fair - Sinsegea departmentstore culture hall, Korea
Face of Sungnam - Sungnam art center, Korea
Happy Present - Insa art center, Korea
Choi Jung Wha Exhibition - Illmin Museum of art, Korea
Gold & Wise Art Fair `Art wagon performance` - Kook Min Bank PB center, Korea
Funny Imaigination Art `Art wagon performance`- Jang Heung ArtPark, Korea
Art in Life - 2006 Busan Biennale, Korea
Jang Heung Atelier Open Studio `Art wagon performance` - Jang Heung ArtPark, Korea
Gwangju Biennale 2006 Open Art Market `Art wagon performance` - Kwangju Folk Museum, Korea
The Scent of Korea Opening Performance & Exhibition - Daegu Culture & Arts Center, Korea
Wake up Andy Warhol - Gallery Ssamzie, Korea
Seongnam Living Design Festival - Korea Design Center, Korea
CLIO Cosmetic ART`2006 -In-Sa Art Center,Korea
Jewelry for Men - Lock Museum, Korea
Public Art Nak-San Project `Mix,connect,get together`

5st Open Studio Exhibition - Open Performance, Ssamzie Space, Korea
World of Light Expo 2005 - Ilsan, Korea
Ssamzie collection - Paju Heyri Ssamzie box , Korea
Go Go art festival-Insa art center , Korea
Art concert- Hotel SHILLA , Korea
MC performance 1- Chungdam art festival , Korea
The 5th anniversary of the `beautiful fund` performance .Gana art center ,Korea
The 1st pocheon Asian Art festival MC performance 2, Banwol art hall ,Korea
Ramian designing and art directing - il_won ramian gallery , Dae-gu ramian gallery
`Playing light `-kim-hae temple of culture open exibition
temtation in december -Han ki-sook gallery

reaProperty Exhibition,Ssamzie HONG , Seoul, Korea
Flying - Birth - Festival ,Sejong Art Center
Korea Modern Art Fair, Seoul Arts Center
China International Art Fair, Beijing
Seoul Fine Art Festival ,Seoul Arts Center
Korea International Art Fair 2004 ,Coex
art on line 2004, Seoul,Korea
Hanppum Gallery,KyotoArt Center,Japan
2004 10th International congress for Performance Art, Seoul,Korea
Orienty, Kyoto Art Center , Japan
Ssamzie Space Open studio, Ssamzie space, Seoul,Korea
2004 Gwangju-Biennale, Gwangju, Korea
Hall Shopping, Ssamzie Road,Seoul, Korea

BOOK ART Exhibition, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea
FAKE & FANTASY, nabiartcenter,seoul,korea
Shanghai Artfair, Shanghai, China
Dreaming Objet Exhibition, Kumho Museum Of Art, Seoul, Korea
Art & Wear, Pusan , Korea
Korea Experimental Art Festival, Seoul, KoreaKorea International Art Fair, Seoul, KoreaKorean Nude Art Exhibition,
Sejong Center, Seoul, KoreaHanwolhoe Exhibition, Sejong Center, Seoul, KoreaNICAF ,Tokyo, Japan
`Purple` Exhibition, The Korean Culture and Art Communication, Korea
World-class Korean Product Show, Santiago, Chille

Living furniture, Stone&Water Gallery, Suksoo, Korea
Seoul Art Fair, Art Seoul Center, Seoul, Korea

International Dannam Art Festival, Fukui, Japan
Hyundai Kumrip Paper Art Competition, Fukui, Japan

The Cinderella Exhibition, Dukwon Gallery, Seoul, Korea

The Thinking Eye Exhibition, Ikon Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Art World Festival, Seoul City Gallery, Seoul, Korea
The Thinking Eye Exhibition, Na Gallery, Seoul, Korea
The Drawing Exhibition of Seoul National University and Tokyo Art University, Seoul National University Culture Hall, Seoul, Korea

New Frontier Festival, Seoul
The 20 Contemporaries Exhibition, Yoon Gallery, Seoul, Korea
The New Generation Exhibition, Chungnam Gallery, Seoul, Korea